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Here are some of the Coaching Tools included with the book.
The book includes blank layout sheets for you to print out, your planning sheet, pitch or magic grid templates an injury card and  a Player Assessment card, and many more useful coaching tools.

There are several samples of coaching plans and some suggested sessions for a complete season, including some I used for State Team players. These are to be used as a guide only and I expect that you will be able to put together a collection of grids suitable for your team from the grids provided in this CD. The four full season sessions included on the CD, are suitable for youth teams, women, men and semi-professional teams.

Make up more sessions using the sessions planner with grids from the book, by taking selected grids from the various folders, also with the word files you have the flexibility to add or amend the grids.

The web site contains sufficient for you to start coaching immediately and as you develop your sessions you will find years of coaching from this book; other items include How to Deal with Injuries, How to Create Fixtures etc. a sample of some of the tools is in the list  shown below:-


Word or Excel files

T001  Setting Up files.doc

How to set up your coaching master file with dividers, print your grids week by week.

T002 Player Assessment Chart.doc

Team assessment sheet for marking skills or timing, speed test etc.

T003 Players Assessment Sheets.doc

Individual player assessment sheet covers a skills appraisal and application form

T004 Fixtures Creator

Work out a fixture list for  6, 8, 10 or 12 team fixtures, rename the list with your team names and automatically generate a fixtures list.

T005 League Table

Use the file fixtures.xls in the folder) this program was written by Mike Wray in New Zealand and works quite well,  Enter the teams in your league,  you enter your results home and away and then update a league table to see how your team is placed.

T006 Grid Lists

A list of all grids alphabetically, by type, by number, by purpose.

T007 Blank Coaching Grids

Those blank full pitch, half pitch planning sheets with star and magic box grids

T008 Schematic Players Movement

Shows how the players move on the illustrated grids, running, passing etc.

T009 Sessions Blank Layout Sheet

The sheet you use each week to remind you of your session, covers warm up, ball skills, match practice and game. With notes

T010 Sessions Planner Filters Plan each session week by week a sample for Levels 1,2 3 and 4 are available
T011 Sessions Planner Level 1 A sample for Levels 1 Juniors up to U11
T012 Sessions Planner Level 2 A sample for Levels 2 Youth & Girls Teams
T013 Sessions Planner Level 3 A sample for Levels 3 Club Men or Women Teams
T014 Sessions Planner Level 4 A sample for Levels 4 Elite or Semi Pro Teams
T015 How To Use Sessions Generator A manual on how to use the Sessions Generator spreadsheet
T016 Team Selector Allow you to list your squad and select your team week by week, whilst keeping a record of results, goal scorers, player performance (use one file per team).

T017 Player Injury Card.doc

A sample of a player injury card

T018 How To Use Team Selector

A manual on how to use the Team Selector spreadsheet

T019 How to do a Cup Draw

Work out how to calculated how many byes you need for a cup competition and progressive rounds

T020 Player Injury Card

Used if players are injured useful for you trainer to record injuries and treatment.

T021 Training Kit Bag What you need to take to training, balls, posts, markers etc. What is in your kit bag?

T022 Role of The Trainer

What your trainer needs to know, without liability notes on suggestions that your trainer might use.

T023 Carbohydrate Loading

Planning for a tour, the Carbohydrate Loading Diet for you and your players.

T024 Starter Sessions Spreadsheet A blank spreadsheet for you to create your own sessions 26 weeks ready to add the grids and drills

T025 Pitch Measurements.jpg

Measurements of a soccer pitch

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T007 Blank Coaching Grids




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