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Grids and light training routines that are used to start the session, these grids carry elements of ball skills, close control with jogging, running and eventually sprinting, they are essential to get players core body temperature up so that the sessions can proceed with players training at optimum fitness levels.



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Warm Up (Word Documents) Warm Up Grids General Scenario Click Preview version
Players  line up on each corner of the square grid, two players dribble the ball past the middle marker then make an across the body pass to the opposite  side of their grid, and sprint to join the next group. 
W001 Preview
Players pass and move inside a square grid (they must touch any marker after passing the ball - before touching the ball again). They must pass the ball inside the grid without 1, 2 or 3 defenders intercepting the ball. Ball must stay inside grid, player cannot touch ball again till a marker or post is touched.

Players on the outside (Attackers) can only move along outside their line of the square grid (cannot enter grid). Attackers must make five consecutive passes to score using only diagonal passes. (They cannot pass straight across the grid). Defenders change with two attackers after each score or if a pass is intercepted.

The outside players have a ball each and move clockwise around the grid, pass to any free player inside players the grid. That player dribbles the ball to the outside (players swap places) two (2) defenders are inside the grid. Ball must not be intercepted whilst passing the ball to any free inside player. The outside players MUST use a low inside boot pass to deliver the ball.
Players (A) and (B) swap passes at the end of a square grid, and feed player (C) whom runs back and forth across the grid when Player C is in line with the ball.  As player (B) receives the ball, player (C) must be in position to receive and give a return pass to (B). Player (B) then passes back to player (A) and player (C) must now be in a position to  receive and give a return pass to (A).

Players dribble around a square grid, pass a ball to the static inside player (1) and receive a return pass (2), then dribble around the corner marker to the next leg of the grid and repeat, on the next leg of the grid, ball low pass, chip pass, header etc.

Instead of going around the pitch, we go across the pitch from side to side once only, various warm up moves.

Players form a circle in pairs passing a ball across the circle, if the players ball hits another players ball, then the player making the pass has to do five press ups.

Players step back from the ball and still facing each other with the ball in between they step to touch their side of the ball with the toe/sole of each boot. They both quick step touching the ball for thirty seconds.

Players in pairs Indian file side by side move up the pitch skipping with arms coming out to the sides level with the shoulders
In threes up one player (B) faces two and this player runs backwards up the pitch being fed by either player, returns ball to other player.
Players in twos, one lobbing the ball to the other. Players should watch the ball into body, set balance and position early. Use all parts of the body and all parts of both feet, joints relax and give slightly on impact.
Two laps of the pitch at varying pace as warm up. Players start at the outside of the half way line run together side by side as a team running at various speeds and variations.

Players line up as shown, Player (A) using a basic push pass, passes the ball through a mini goal to a goalkeeper whom catches it and rolls it away left.  Player (A) runs on (avoiding any ball or player crossing in front)  to collect the rolled ball.

Players carry the ball to the opposite player, are challenged by that player (one step over their ball towards the oncoming player), the Attacking player then turns and attacks the next player in line. 

One player holds the ball directly out front between both hands, or one hand, The ball is suddenly dropped and the facing player must catch the ball before it touches the ground. Later can catch on boot and juggle on foot.

Players dribble a ball out from the end of the square grid, pass cross field with a weighted pass for the opposite player to run on to. Then sprint forward to collect their cross-field pass, bring it under control and pass to the next player in line. The Player then joins that team.

Team is split into two teams with each team restricted to their area outside or inside the area. Players from Team (A) pass to  get the ball through the midfield defender team (B) to score a goal. Adding defenders increases pressure.

Stretching is very important in training, players should be warm and stretches should prepare the muscles for the work ahead. Take time to stretch the squad after a warm up period. Do NOT stretch cold muscles. 

After a warm up grid, players form teams of five six or seven, and play Five-A-Side Soccer.

Each player will play the ball once only. Once received a pass is made to another team member, as the team move forward on the pitch.  EVERY player must have  played the ball ONCE and the team MUST finish with a shot on goal.

The player MUST keep dribble through markers shooting with the appropriate foot to score a goal. Then collect a ball and return ONLY if their shot was on target. The goalkeeper is optional but if used is passive. Players feed balls back into the area for the next runner. Feed players change with attackers who miss the goal.

Standard warm up warm down routine

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Warm Up
Download All Warm Up Grids




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