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Click on sample image then hit the back button to use the grid: download the file left of the table Back to top Sample image Short description of the grid
026 B001 Attacking Pressure Shooting



Players line up as shown and change places after each run. 
On the coach's call. a defender passes a ball through a mini goal then sprints to defend running around a pressure post, an attacker sets off from a central marker and sprints around a pressure post collects the passed ball and tries to get a shot on goal.

027 B002 Passing Through The Gate 2 3

Advanced Grid Players line up as shown and change places after each run. 
On the coach's call. a defender passes a ball through a mini goal then sprints to defend running around a pressure post, an attacker sets off from a central marker and sprints around a pressure post collects the passed ball and tries to get a shot on goal.

you can still download every grid from the links above

There are over 250 Football (Soccer) Coaching drills in this site, each page of instructions tells you how to set up the drill, how many players and what the actions are in the drill; using colour coded players the drill explains player movement and expected outcomes and a clear guide on to how to run the drill.

New Grid created February 2024


Pressure the basics of this book

Pressure is the principle of my coaching book About Pressure explains how the grids work and this should be read before you use this book

Links to each main section are above and all the grids have a quick preview of the first page, however the simple way to use this book is to download every sequentially grid put them into folders as per the set up instructions in session order like below, warm up, then ball skills etc. The grids are numbered sequentially so that as you put them into a session they will fall into the correct sequence, as per the session plan below.

This is a collection of over 250 soccer coaching grids with explanations, developments and extra elements like phase-ii elements that allow you to use the same grid and work through to developments to advanced phases of the grid so they can be used several times with increased skill levels.
You can download them individually or use the .zip folders above, the files are provided advert free and ready to use. The intent is to provide a resource for improving soccer and soccer coaching and the files are written in Microsoft Word so you can amend or add your own changes then print out the grids that you wish to use.

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State Teams - Youth, Women & Men's State Teams Sites

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Grids in a Session (This is my suggested timed session)


Number of Grids Available

Warm Up (Enjoyable skills drills whilst waiting for players)

10-15 min


Ball Skills (Working on specific skills like passing, dribbling)

15 min


Match Practice (Developing game strategy through simulated play)

20-30 min


Games (A variety of game grids specific to the session)

10-20 min


Warm Down (Cooling down and easy finish to the session)

5 min


These Grids are used in some sessions and add or replace grids

60-90 min

Grids available

Set Pieces (A collection of set pieces for you to develop and use)



Assessment &  Fitness (Used to add fitness and strength testing)



Fun & Games (Mainly for juniors but fun for most teams)



Coaching Tools (Used to set up sessions)



The grids are listed in use order Warm Up. Ball Skills see below

Grids in a Session No of grids Time Grids Available
Warm Up

use 1 or 2 grids

10-15 min


Ball Skills

use 2 or 3 grids

15 min


Match Practice

1 or 2 grids

20-30 min



use only 1 grid

10-20 min


Warm Down

use 1 grid

5 min


These Grids are used in some sessions and add or replace grids
60-90 min
Grids available
Set Pieces 1 grid  
Assessment &  Fitness (see also a fitness session)  
Fun & Games

use 1 grid



Coaching Tools

(Used to set up sessions)




Session Explanations

In all my coaching sessions (usually two per week) I try to keep all the players moving throughout the session, the players often swap roles but keep moving so at the end of each session they will have worked harder than in a normal soccer game and after two sessions will have a fitness level that is considerably higher for the level being played; the players are usually working under pressure and do not realise how much running they are undertaking, consequently they find the sessions enjoyable (far better than just doing line sprints).

1. Pre Warm Up is where you are waiting for players to assemble on the park. Rather than let the keen ones stand around, I have some fun routines  that get the players started. As the group gets bigger and the session time arrives you should have all the players doing a pre warm up routine. These should be light sessions but some are quite important for the following sessions.

2. The stretching (W019) is important and should be devised specifically for soccer. It should cover sitting and standing stretches of various muscle groups. If it is wet use standing stretches only. Note: In the following you should stretch only after a Warm Up (lap of the oval etc. - never stretch cold muscles).

3. Warm Up is designed to get the core temperature up so that players are ready to start the Skill Developments or Match Practice. When a light sheen appears on a player's forehead you have core temperature. This is sometimes an introductory grid or routine for the session ahead.

In many sessions the Ball Skill Developments used can often be reversed to develop either attacking or defending skills. It will depend on what element of coaching you want to concentrate on  as to how you use the grid. In many instances players change places after each move and change from attacker to become the defender in the pressure or progress of the drill. I have found that this gives players a more encompassing view of the various aspects of each role. 

4. Ball Skill Developments is a fitness/skills component with various soccer ball skills involved. In many instances it will provide a basis for the Match Practice by developing passing,  dribbling,  shooting, skills etc. skills that may follow in the Match Practice. It may however just be a drill that covers another aspect of the game or a fun skill's session.
NoteIf coaching Juniors (under 11) you may only need to use the Skill Developments, remember KISS = Keep it Simple Soccer.

You might add an Assessment Grid here if you want to test players or a Fun session for juniors

5. Match Routine is where we simulate the roles of players in game situations often in match play conditions or where more advanced techniques and skills are developed.   Here is where we develop defending, attacking, set pieces, etc. In senior teams this component is very important especially for premier league standard. You should split defenders, midfield and attackers into specific roles, however the pressure drills often reverse player roles.When I move onto Match Practices I often insist on defenders being separate from midfield players and from  attacking players, so that those particular skills are sharpened in simulated game roles. I also use the Match Practice to develop my strategies for that particular team.  Some of the Match Practice may be an extension of the Skill Developments and it is in these drills that you should concentrate on defenders v's attackers, etc.  There are many grids and drills to choose from and you may find that one routine suits your particular team strategy better than another.  You will need to select and mix grids from the appropriate folders and the 26 week samples show you how I have put together my season.

The Match Practice in most instances is the advanced part of the session and includes pressure and speed for all players.

6. The Game grids may reflect what we have been doing in our session. It is NEVER just a game! It is always conditioned and players should be developing skills in preparation for their normal league or cup fixtures. If you can get another person to supervise the game then this is YOUR opportunity to take out individuals for concentrated coaching. I use quite regularly this section to use the Set Pieces drill S001 Semi-Pro shown below to work on free kicks corners or team attacking or defending roles.

7. The warm down is a very short segment but is very important. (W007 end) Is reduced stretching and a gradual cooling of the muscles using slow jogging and walking.

It is a time to thank players

It should be followed by a shower to relax the muscles completely.

Usually on Thursday night session I hold team talks and team selection based on our formation and opposition. Explain the role you have for each player selected.

Personal note

When training Senior or State teams I often used the same grids to sharpen the players repeatedly, using developments.

most sessions end with or contain this Set Piece using the semi-pro part of S001 Semi-Pro set piece grid.

For other club teams, (222 S001 Set Piece Drill) see image below, is a set piece pressure grid

this grid works the defenders and helps the team practice corners or set pieces and it is full on.

Note: the defenders and strikers usually have to be changed after 10 minutes,

I get midfielder to think of a set piece or just a direct kick and I often add more players as the drill progresses

so that it becomes a real test for the whole team and all the squad members attending are involved.

222 S001 Set Piece Drill roles and set piece play


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