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The book is a collection of grids, drills and routines from many years as a successful club and state team coach. The book has over 200 grids ready to use in a coaching environment made up of seven folders of grids, the Folders are:-

Book in Folders

Number of Grids

Warm Up


Fun & Games


Assessment &  Fitness


Ball Skills


Match Practice




Set Pieces


Total Basic Grids


Coaching Tools


The book is web based so you can access all the grids either from a web page or from The Book In Folders and print them out as you need them, find the set of grids that you wish to use and print them out. Purchase an A4 File Folder 4 ring Binder preferably with an outer sleeve so you can use the Sleeve covers provided.


Marbig Easy Access Document Holders Heavyweight A4

You need sets of plastic sleeves that can be clipped into the A4 folder - D Ring Size. The plastic inserts usually come in 10's or in packs of 50 so you would need sufficient packs for 250 pages. These you can take with you to the training pitch and refere to them as you need; however from the Sessions Generator Spreadsheet you will be able to generate a training sheet which gives you the sequence for each grid and a suggested time to run the grid. These fall into Warm Up, Ball Skills, Match Practice, a Game (usually reflecting the emphasis of the session) and a warm down. Approximately 7-8 grids per session. There are also sets of grids for set pieces and for Assessment and Fitness which you can use throughout the 26 week set of sessions.


Also I would suggest a set of dividers in different colours to allocate your grid printouts into Warm Up Grids, Ball Skill Grids, Match Practice Grids, Games Grids, Set Pieces, Fun & Games Grids, Assessment & Fitness, using the label set provided. You will also need a divider for your Team Sheets and other paperwork from the Coaching Tools Folder. You can print the pitch layout or team formation sheets so you can show your substitutes where you want them to play. You can get some of these printed on metal boards so you can draw and write up your team strategy and use it on match days.

The grids are colour coded and usually are 2 or 3 pages long, but you should be able to add and ammend any changes or variations that you wish to use and you can modify any word document grid as you see fit.

This Manual is designed as a starting point, it covers most levels of player skill and should give you sufficient material to begin or improve on your coaching career. You have access to all the grids and materials that you as a coach should be able to use for years to come. You should develop the grids into a set that you are comfortable with and in each page there are additional suggestions called Developments and some offer advanced Phase ii sections that should inspire you to make even a basic session become a lively and interesting coaching session for you and your players. I have used all of these grids and have developed them from scraps of notepads, sketches and ideas that have occured during my time as a soccer coach.


Feel free to email me if you have any problems or suggestions



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I strongly suggest that you download the planning sheets from Coaching Tools, then save grids as you need them and put them into a folder. Create your sessions using grids from either Warm Up, Ball Skills, Match Practice, Fun, Set Pieces, Fitness or Games grids.


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Sessions Level

Suitable For




Is suitable for Junior players up to about 11 and includes basic skill development and fun routines with lots of action and ball work.

A sample of 26 weekly sessions for Juniors is included (make a copy of the sample if you wish to make changes) and you can add more grids from other sections if your skill levels improve.

Level 1 Sample



Is suitable for Youth up to about Under 16's and Women’s Teams and concentrates on Developing passing and dribbling and introduction to the skill techniques

A sample of 26 weekly sessions for Level 2 is included (make a copy of the sample if you wish to make changes) and you can mix and match with other grids from higher or lower levels, it is also an opportunity to start using the development elements in each grid.

Level 2 Sample



Is suitable for Club Men’s Teams and Premier Ladies teams it it the broadest scope of skill development and brings in Match situations, player roles and high level ball control and development of tactics including set pieces

A sample of 26 weekly sessions for Club men and women teams is included (make a copy of the sample if you wish to make changes) and you should now be looking at the Phase ii sections of these grids or move onto some Level 4 grids.

Level 3 Sample



Is suitable for Premier or Semi-Pro Teams at club or semi pro club level it concentrates on player roles extreme fitness and testing along with serious ball work

A sample of 26 weekly sessions for Semi-Pro teams is included , (make a copy of the sample if you wish to make changes) and you have access to other levels if you wish to develop your own area of need, i.e. you can select grids that concentrate of Forwards, Defence or Midfield or on crossing, shooting etc. Most of the grids start at Phase ii of previous grids.

Level 4 Sample



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