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This handbook is designed for all soccer coaches at various levels of ability, it is provided as an adjunct to your coaching strategy and offers a selection of drills, grids and training routines and a collection of spreadsheets and templates for your coaching needs. This handbook "The Essential Soccer Coaches Handbook"- uses a technique in all the drills based on continuous movement, 100% ball work and pressure as most were used for preparation of elite State Representative players and consequently the main elements, including pressure, speed, competitiveness, continuous movement and fitness.

There is provision for four (4) levels to start your coaching, covering Junior, Youth & Ladies, Amateur and Elite level, so you should pick the level suited to your team. The sessions are made up of grids in a logical sequence, Pre Warm Up, Warm Up, Ball Skills, Match Practice, Game and Warm Down, each with a suggested time to complete a one or two hour session. There are also Set Piece Grids and Assessment & Fitness Grids using pressure and timed grids. You will better see the sequence using the sessions planners.

The grids are structured to encourage  players working under pressure and at speed so boring  sprints for fitness are turned into a real time game session that attains the same or better fitness levels, whilst still retaining all the elements of sprint training.

Each grid is fully explained, tells you how many players you need, what equipment is required.  You get a fully explained description of what will happen and it shows your position as coach in each grid.  All player positions are shown using colour codes and numbered sequences to show player movement, ball path and target areas (where action will take place).  Some grids were animated so you could see the sequence of actions but the CD is no longer being sold, so these free grids do not contain animation.

The roles of players involved is fully explained with players objectives or targets identified. The Coaching Points explain what you should be looking for and it is packaged in easy to print single session sheets to give you complete flexibility to organise custom sessions for your team. Each grid has Developments and Phase ii changes giving you an additional 400+ variations throughout the book,  each offering subtle or substantial changes to each grid.

There are even pre-planned skill based (i.e. Heading, Crossing, Attacking, Defending or Shooting etc. sessions) collated for you to use immediately.

The book is a collection of grids, drills and routines of over 200 grids ready to use in a coaching environment from many years as a successful club and state team coach. The links above take you to seven folders of grids, the Folders are:-


Sample of Grids G182.gif


A sample of the sessions print out spreadsheet


I strongly suggest that you download the planning sheets from Coaching Tools, then save grids as you need them and put them into a folder. Create your sessions using grids from either Warm Up, Ball Skills, Match Practice, Fun, Set Pieces, Fitness or Games grids.


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There are four pre-prepared session spreadsheets, these have been created for the four levels of skill and contain 26 sessions in each sample, ready to print out. Pick the level that you are coaching and download the completed spreadsheet, this will give you a start to your coaching. As you progress you can create more sessions using the same spreadsheet or make a copy then select new or variations from over 200 grids, or drills listed in the spreadsheet. You can then print each grid ready to use in your own sessions.

Sessions Level

Suitable For




Is suitable for Junior players up to about 11 and includes basic skill development and fun routines with lots of action and ball work.

A sample of 26 weekly sessions for Juniors is included (make a copy of the sample if you wish to make changes) and you can add more grids from other sections if your skill levels improve.

Level 1 Sample



Is suitable for Youth up to about Under 16's and Women’s Teams and concentrates on Developing passing and dribbling and introduction to the skill techniques

A sample of 26 weekly sessions for Level 2 is included (make a copy of the sample if you wish to make changes) and you can mix and match with other grids from higher or lower levels, it is also an opportunity to start using the development elements in each grid.

Level 2 Sample



Is suitable for Club Men’s Teams and Premier Ladies teams it it the broadest scope of skill development and brings in Match situations, player roles and high level ball control and development of tactics including set pieces

A sample of 26 weekly sessions for Club men and women teams is included (make a copy of the sample if you wish to make changes) and you should now be looking at the Phase ii sections of these grids or move onto some Level 4 grids.

Level 3 Sample



Is suitable for Premier or Semi-Pro Teams at club or semi pro club level it concentrates on player roles extreme fitness and testing along with serious ball work

A sample of 26 weekly sessions for Semi-Pro teams is included , (make a copy of the sample if you wish to make changes) and you have access to other levels if you wish to develop your own area of need, i.e. you can select grids that concentrate of Forwards, Defence or Midfield or on crossing, shooting etc. Most of the grids start at Phase ii of previous grids.

Level 4 Sample



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Assessments ball Ball Skillsball Coaching Tools ball Fitnessball Fun ball Gamesball Homeball Match Practiceball Sessions ball Set Pieces ball Warm Ups


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