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My first books were small coaching manuals for club coaches, and being a keen graphic designer I was always sitting designing coaching drills and grids for my coaching sessions whilst drawing little players in various colours. I also had planning manuals for State Organisations to present.

Eventually I had a substantial folder full of drawings and notes. When I borrowed a Macintosh Computer in 1995 I started to converted my notes to text  using Microsoft Word and generating the images using Superpaint (A truly impressive painting and drawing package - no longer available).


As time developed I created over two hundred pages of various training grids along with my little player graphics. These I put onto floppy disks (remember them) and advertised a book which I titled “A New Approach To Coaching Soccer, Soccer Coaching Made Easy”.

No one offered to publish it so I created a web site in 1997 copyrighted my book and advertised the book under my multimedia company “PIP Multimedia”. The book was sent as email attachments and eventually converted to CD Rom which was packaged and sent to sports shops around Perth. Some of which sold, but most were sold on the internet.

Through advertising on the web I received several hundred requests for the book on CD so these were sent out around the world, I had a really nice letter from Leeds United whom had purchased the CD and found the grids useful.

To all purchasers of “A New Approach To Coaching Soccer “ (thank you) and for the feedback from coaches around the world all with such positive reaction to my book these were so nice to receive.

I never ceased publishing my book but the book structure was disjointed so I re-wrote the book putting grids into folders based on my coaching structure, warm up, ball skills, match practice etc. and whilst doing this I upgraded the graphics added another fifty or so grids and created animated sequences of the grids. But again no one wanted to publish my book so it floated on until I retired in 2010 when I again looked at my book and decided that now was the time to modernize it and bring it up to date, so I added a folder of coaching tools and new graphics (although you may still see some of the old graphics somewhere in the book).

I re-named the book because someone else has taken the name of my original book and it had not been officially published, so now it is called “The Essential Soccer Coaches Handbook


Effectively this is the 3rd Edition but I have not continued the animated grids and no one is interested in publishing it, so I decided to release it free to any soccer coach who finds the site, I know there are some web sites that are carrying copies of my old book snaffled from the web which they will happily sell to you, so if you have made it to this page the book is yours FREE subject to recognition of propriety copyright.


Peter J Faulks


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Original graphics (Superpaint)


Original CD Cover


One of the original grids


Original CD Sleeve




You now have access to my book "A Soccer Coaching Handbook"

a handbook first published world wide in 1997 now no longer in print: Enjoy!

This handbook is designed for all soccer coaches at various levels of ability, it is provided as an adjunct to your coaching strategy and offers a selection of drills, grids and training routines and a collection of spreadsheets and templates for your coaching needs. This handbook "The Soccer Coaching Handbook"- previously titled "The Essential Coaching Handbook", based on my previous book "A New Approach To Coaching Soccer" uses a technique in all the drills based on continuous movement, 100% ball work and pressure because most were used for preparation of elite State Representative players and consequently the main elements needed had to include a higher skill level than normal club training, therefore most of these grids include pressure, speed, competitiveness, continuous movement and extreme fitness. However each grid offers a range of development so that the grids can be used at a standard level and then progressively on to higher skills. Having said that there are a few basic grids and you can amend each to suit your club. As a resource it would be an excellent starting point for new coaches with over 240 ready to use grids, templates and planner sheets.

There is provision for four (4) levels to start your coaching, covering Junior, Youth & Ladies, Amateur and Elite level, so you should first pick the level suited to your team. The sessions are made up of grids in a logical sequence, Pre Warm Up, Warm Up, Ball Skills, Match Practice, Game and Warm Down, each comes with a suggested time to complete a one or two hour session. There are also Set Piece Grids, Fun & Games grids and Assessment & Fitness Grids. Also there are links for skill specific grids, Attacking, Defending, Crossing, Midfield etc. You will better see the sequence using the sessions planners, or explore this web site.

The grids are structured to encourage players often rotating roles continuously whilst working under pressure and at speed, so boring  sprints for fitness are turned into a real time game session that attains the same or better fitness levels, than basic sprint training. The above session sample contains Grid B001 Attacking Pressure Shooting.doc which is a ball skills grid and is a good example of how the coaching principles are applied.

Each grid is fully explained, tells you how many players you need, what equipment is required, where players begin, it shows your position as coach in each grid.  All player positions are shown using colour codes and numbered sequences to show player movement, the ball path and target areas (where action will take place).  Some grids were animated so you could see the sequence of actions but the CD is no longer being sold, this web version does not contain the animation videos. Please don't ask because I am no longer selling the book.

The roles of players involved is fully explained with players objectives or targets identified. The Coaching Points explain what you should be looking for and it is packaged in easy to print single session sheets in Microsoft Word to give you complete flexibility to organise and customise sessions for your team. Each grid has Developments (further suggested skill levels) and Phase ii changes (higher skill levels) giving you an additional 400+ variations throughout the book,  each offering subtle or substantial changes to each grid.

The book is a collection of grids, drills and routines of over 200 grids ready to use in a coaching environment built up and used from many years as a successful club and state team coach. When I first started coaching in 1966 I struggled to find a resource of material that I could use, however there was nothing readily available so I put together my own resource and now it is given to you with my best wishes.


Peter J Faulks




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